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People in Carolina are Upset About the Viciously Dirty Play from Notorious Cheap Shot Artist Mac Jones

That was quite a strip sack by Brian Burns yesterday. One of the better edge rushers in the league catching the Patriots in (I think) a miscommunication, coming in free on Mac Jones and knocking the ball loose. If the Panthers hadn't been completely outgunned and outclassed all afternoon by a superior Patriots defensive scheme they couldn't solve, it might have been a real turning point in the game. 

But what most of America missed on the play - myself included - was not lost on much of Panthers world. Carolina players, media and fans are in an uproar over what happened in the wild scrum for the loose ball. 

And now, it's become a league matter:

Welp. It was only a matter of time before I ended up saying this. And that moment is finally here:

Mac Jones, you vile, headhunting bastard. There is no place in football for this type of savagery. Just because you're physically superior to everyone else on the field is no excuse for you to establish your dominance in this manner. 

Sure, Bill Belichick just tried to excuse it away on his weekly WEEI radio appearance. "I think he thought Burns had the ball," he said. But of course he's going to say that. Once a cheater, always a cheater, making excuses for his cheating cheaters. 

But I'm not going to play that game. It's a lie meant to cover up the fact that under Mac Jones' unimposing exterior beats a cold, black demon heart. This is a player safety issue. We can't have these sorts of shenanigans in the NFL. Taking four steps after the whistle and launching yourself like a piece of field artillery into a quarterback's blindside after the other 21 players have stopped competing might be OK:

… but by God, grabbing a guy's ankle when you think he's about to run in for a scoop-and-score touchdown most certainly is an infraction. 

The point I'm making is that Mac Jones is a feral, brutish, maniac whose viciousness knows no bounds. He's the Jack Tatum of his generation. There is no way to satiate his blood lust. And the best thing for defensive players in this league to do is just give him a good leaving alone. Save yourselves. Save your careers. And your health. Think of your families. And if you have any sense of self-preservation, avoid him at all costs. Brian Burns might be the first, but he won't be the last. If you stay away from his Mac Attack, he'll undoubtedly kill you on the scoreboard. But at least you'll live to tell the tale. 

Avoid this man at all costs. He's a monster:

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