People Are Naming Their Babies Keeley, Roy, And Jamie More Than Ever This Year

Yahoo! Life- Are we the only ones who wait with bated breath for BabyCenter to reveal their list of the most popular baby names each year? Well, hot off the presses, the 2021 round-up includes the most exciting revelation, courtesy of pop-culture loving parents: Ted Lasso-inspired baby names are *huge* this year.

We’re not totally surprised (after all, we’re mega-fans of the hit TV show conceptualized by and starring Jason Sudeikis), but we were curious. Which baby names plucked from the series are trending and—real talk—are the ones you can likely expect multiples of in your kid’s classroom a few years down the line? Here, the top three—plus, one more that’s a total shock.

Oh hell yes. Good thing I don't have any babies or else these would ALL be even a little higher. There's a very serious chance if I have a daughter in the coming years (I'm talking like DECADES down the line) I will be pushing for her to be named Keeley and if I have a son (same scenario) I, too, would be pushing for him to be named Roy. Would it sound weird to have a kid named Roy with an Italian last name? Sure. Would I care? Absolutely not. I may need to make his middle name Roy as well and just make him Roy Kent Balls.

And how about the other 2 names in that top 4 going up as well? I'm just gonna toss Jamie up to being an awesome name because as much as we now love Jamie Tartt, I don't know if I'd be willing to make my child's name that after watching him do all his fuckboy shit in season 1 ya know? But Rupert? RUPERT! First off Rupert is an abysmal baby name. Who the fuck wants their baby to sound more sophisticated than them solely because of their name? Definitely not me unless my name was something really fancy like Thatcher which it sure is not. And on top of that Rupert Mannion is just a villainous human. Gross behavior all around. I cannot at least find comfort in knowing that the name Nate is on its way down.But the Ted Lasso effect clearly knows no bounds. (To soften the blow, Nate’s popularity in 2021 is way down.

But the Ted Lasso effect clearly knows no bounds. (To soften the blow, Nate’s popularity in 2021 is way down.)