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The AP Poll's SEC Bias Needs To Be Investigated By A Federal Prosecutor For Brainwashing The American Public

NO, THEY DID NOT GET THIS RIGHT. Are you kidding me? Am I reading this correctly? I truly cannot believe my eyes. And I am calling for an official investigation into the SEC bias in the polls, which then influences and spreads the SEC bias in not only the committee but also the American people. I will not stand for this. The American public is being brainwashed. This is fake news.

To be clear, here is the information I want presented:

- Auburn is ranked #16. They are 6-3. 

- Purdue is unranked. They are 6-3.

- Auburn's best wins are Arkansas and Ole Miss, who were both ranked in the teens when they played. 

- Purdue's best wins are Iowa and Michigan State, who were ranked NUMBER TWO AND NUMBER THREE WHEN THEY PLAYED!!!!

Don't tell me about "good losses". Yes, Auburn has lost to #1 Georgia, #23 Penn State, and #11 Texas A&M. But it's not like Purdue's losses are terrible either. They've lost to #7 Notre Dame, #20 Wisconsin, and Minnesota, who is tied for the Big Ten West lead. The losses are comparable, but the wins aren't even close. And the records are identical. 


Folks, the snowball effect of rankings this bad go on forever. Beating Auburn is now a good win. Losing to Auburn is now a good loss. Beating Purdue isn't impressive, and losing to Purdue is considered bad. 

I want media credentials taken away. I want the ability to vote, both in the poll and in general elections taken away. And most importantly, I want Blue Checkmarks taken away. Anyone involved in this should be thrown in jail. The American public is brainwashed by the little numbers next to team's names when they play on Saturdays, and they're all wrong.