AJ Brown REALLY Doesn't Want To Fight Jalen Ramsey, Dares Him To Call Him On The Phone Instead

This right here is how I know AJ Brown doesn't want to throw hands. He's suggesting another person call him. No thank you. Talk through problems? Please. Just do it like the rest of us, bottle it in, pretend to have an argument in the shower and how you'd win the fight and then take out your frustrations about two times a year. It's the Irish Catholic way, that's for damn sure. We get a couple true freak outs a year, you can't waste it over Jalen Ramsey. Not when you won. Maybe if you lost the game, you use it. 

Now it's worth noting that Jalen Ramsey is someone who LIVES for stirring shit up. He typically gets held back and rarely brawls, but we hear about it all the time. 

You get the point here. But now we have AJ Brown calling him out for some dirty shit too. (h/t PFT

“I don’t mind the chirping,” Brown said. “But little things after the play, like the dirty stuff — I’m not going for it. You know? I’m a man first and I’m here to play football. I’m not out here trying to fight nobody. But I’m not taking no sh-t, though.”

Brown declined to say what kind of “dirty stuff” he experienced from Ramsey.

“I mean, as you saw the game — I’m not going to get into all that,” Brown said. “We got the ‘dub’ and I’m not about to make it about me and him. He knows me. He has my number if he wants to see me.

“That ain’t a threat or anything. I’m just saying. He knows me, so if he wants to talk to me and get at me, he’s got my number.”

I don't know why but the whole 'I'm a man first and I'm here to play football' makes me laugh. Of course you're there to play football. You're a professional wide receiver. It's literally your job. If I'm Jalen Ramsey and really wanted to pull shit I'd call AJ Brown every hour. It sucks getting phone calls. 99% of the time it's something about fake car warranty. The other 1% is your parents or your significant other asking what do you want to do for dinner. Just absolute torture.