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Odell Is Simply Not A Good Enough Player To Reportedly Threaten Teams With 'Issues' If They Claim Him On Waivers

We're talking the same Odell here right? The Odell that can't stay healthy. The Odell that drops as many passes as he does make spectacular ones? The Odell where the Browns looked better offensively without him? Yeah just making sure we're talking about the same guy here. Listen, I sat through Odell. I defended Odell and cheered for him when he was a Giant. I've done the backflips. It ain't worth it. The fact he's getting older and still getting hurt and now threatening teams? Fuck outta here dude. I mean I want to respect the blind faith that you can tell teams to fuck off, but you're not good enough for that. 

Kind of hilarious he wants to go to Seattle though. Yeah that'll be great. Go be the 3rd target behind Lockett and Metcalf. Go complain then when you aren't getting enough looks. Not to mention the Seahawks are just weird in general. They are thought of as good. But they haven't won shit since Peyton Manning was in Denver. They are in the toughest division in football. I wouldn't call them a contender. 

Just a little heads up though. 'Issues' yeah that's going to happen no matter where Odell goes. That's just who Odell is. If he doesn't get the ball enough. If they aren't winning. If he gets hurt. If he doesn't get a pass because someone else is more open. This is who he is. Most no duh threat of an all-time.