Way To Stay Relevant Baseball....MLB Presented Their Gold Glove Awards Right Smack Dab In The Middle Of Sunday Night Football

What the hell goes through Rob Manfred's head? How does this even happen? We have a great matchup on Sunday Night Football between the Titans and Rams and what does boneheaded Rob do? ANNOUNCE THE GOLD GLOVE WINNERS AT 8:30 ON A SUNDAY NIGHT! Does he not want people to watch? Does he know that baseball fans are usually also football fans and are watching a game? Is he trying to sneak one by us? Why the hell put it on a Sunday night at 8:30? Does he even know there is a game going on? Tomorrow is a shitty Monday Night Football game with the Steelers and Bears, but it's MNF so I get not going against that but still. You know what would make sense though? ANNOUNCE THE GOLD GLOVES ON TUESDAY NIGHT! There isn't a thing going on Tuesday night, people will actually tune in. Instead we all found out that Carlos Correa won another Gold Glove because of a tweet. Who even knew they were going on? If I didn't see a RT I wouldn't have had any clue they were on. 

What's next Manfred? MVPs during Thanksgiving dinner? Silver Sluggers on Christmas Eve at 9:30? Their whole schedule is wild, during MNF tomorrow at 8:00 we get the Executive Of The Year. Sure, fine, whatever. No one cares about that. But to announce the Gold Gloves right in the middle of Titans - Rams is an insane move. I'm convinced Manfred doesn't want the fans of his sport to consume their content. Baseball just can not get out of their own way, this boneheaded commissioner is such a fool. I am dumbfounded by this move.