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The Falcons Blew an 18-Point Fourth Quarter Lead and Somehow Still Won

I was positive it had happened again. The Falcons led 24-6 with 10:39 remaining in the game. They had a 98.2 percent win probability.

Then they allowed the Saints to score 19 straight points and take a 25-24 lead with a minute left. Even in a week in which the Braves won the World Series, Atlanta found a way to Atlanta.


Bang! All it took was one pass to Cordarrelle Patterson to put Younghoe Koo well within range for the easy game-winner. Sure, there was a Mike Davis fumble that almost made this loss the only conceivable way it could possibly have been worse once the Falcons got down into the red zone, but we don't need to talk about that. All's well that ends well.

I don't think there are too many people who would have been truly upset for very long if the Falcons did their thing again, because we're baseball World Champions and we're gonna enjoy that for quite a while. But it's nice to pull a reverse card on the Saints and get a big win to get back to .500.

The Falcons aren't a bad team. They should be 5-3 right now if they hadn't royally fucked up against the Washington Football Team. Maybe this is the win that gets them going a little bit and strings together some good performances to stay in the playoff hunt.