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Video Of Dave Grohl Stopping A Foo Fighters Concert To Help An Audience Member In Need Is Going Viral

This video is blowing up all over twitter this morning. Not because it's new, it's not, it's from a show in 2018 the Foo Fighters played.

Not only did Dave stop the show and tell people to fucking relax, but he also invited the kid. (who was blind and autistic) up on stage with him.

Owen Anderson is a 13-year-old rock super fan. He is also blind, and has autism and severe developmental problems, as well as Crohn's disease. He is only able to speak a few words. Born extremely premature at just before 23 weeks, weighing just over a pound, his parents, Stacy and Nathan, were told he had just a 5% chance of surviving.

He grew up with rock music - AC/DC, Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, all their favourites. And he loved it.

Owen's favourite bands - mainly rock, turned up loud, but a bit of indie, folk and pop, too - would put a smile on his face like not many other things could, says Stacy, his mom.

"We always put headphones on him. He actually loves the crowd noise too. It brings out the best in him and I think he really brings out the best in other people too.

"We want him to have these experiences. We were super nervous the first time because he can have pretty bad meltdowns, but he didn't do any of that and he never has. He always gets a little nervous beforehand but as soon as he's there he loves it."

Owen's latest Foo Fighters gig was his second time seeing the band. After being welcomed on stage by Grohl, he got to strum the frontman's guitar. It's fair to say he's now an even bigger fan than he was before.

"It's kind of a blur what happened because it all happened so quickly," says Stacy. "We were at the front and could kind of see him looking at Owen.

"I don't know if he knew he was blind at that point but he stopped and asked if he needed a seat, told him to come up and bring the parents, to go to the side of the stage.

"He came over with his guitar and got Owen to feel and play it a little bit. I was so proud of Owen and so happy he gets to do cool things like this.

It's also far from the first time Dave's policed his band's own shows.

Here he was in 2011 stopping a show because a fight broke out.

This is called being invested in your fans and being a responsible adult. And just a decent human being. Dave isn't the exception either, this is usually the rule when it comes to performers. Nobody wants to see people get hurt at shows they should be enjoying themselves for once and forgetting how shitty life can be for a little while. 

The tragedy that occurred Friday night in Houston was the exception to that rule.

So when morons like this tell you differently, they're flat out wrong.

p.s.- there is a lot of weird and disturbing news continuing to come out from the Astroworld story. I'll have an update tomorrow morning.