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The Next Derrick Henry Is 6 Years Old And Giving Out Stiff Arms Like Halloween Candy

Someone needs to get this highlight reel to Chris Berman ASAmotherfuckingP because I need to hear the sound effects that comes out of Boomer's mouth as this purple tank ran wild on the gridiron and crushed the souls of countless 1st graders who will never want to play a down of football again. Even Spike didn't put up that kind of tape against the Little Giants and he was a football machine fueled by HGH in a run-first offense facing off against a bunch of undersized misfits. Purple 6 here displayed all that power along with the kind of balance at the end of this run that separates the immortals from the legends. 

I know people don't like using first round draft picks on running backs and I don't know what type of Red Auerbach tomfoolery has to be done to get this toddler Tractorcito signed to an NFL roster more than a decade before he's eligible to play. However if I were an NFL GM, I'd draft this kid with the first pick I had and worry about the rest later considering we had people firing off takes that Derrick Henry was the most important player in FOOTBALL as recently as last week and you don't teach that type of dominance over your peers regardless of age.

This video may have put the kid on the map but his high school numbers will put him at the top of every Big Board long before he plays a snap of college football, almost definitely for Nick Saban who will have just signed another 10 year deal at Bama after drinking whatever blood he drinks to stay young.


As for all the other kids that attempted to tackle this monster in what was likely their last game of pee wee football due to that soul crushing, I have only three words for you…