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Adrian Peterson Turned Down "Dancing With The Stars" In September In Hopes A Team Would Sign Him. Safe To Say He Made The Right Choice.

Even when he was a free agent Adrian Peterson was a wanted man. Adam Schefter tweeted out this morning that in Peterson had turned down a spot on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" in hopes that a team would sign him. Schefter said Peterson thought the had a chance to sign with the Ravens after their running back injuries. He was going to get $150K for the rehearsal period alone from DWTS and had a chance to earn up to $335K. Not a bad gig for some dancing but Peterson wanted back in the NFL. Schefter also said that a few other teams other than the Ravens had interest in Peterson, the Bills, Raiders, Falcons and Dolphins rounding out that group. But it wasn't until last week when Derrick Henry's foot injury popped up that the Titans became interested and ultimately signed him. 

I have no doubt that Peterson would have been great on that show, he's always had good, quick feet. But the man made a smart move holding out and waiting for a team to come calling, it also happens to be a team with a power running game, a good offensive line, and a need at running back. Perfect match for AP and Tennessee. Who knows what we'll see out of him tonight when the Titans take on the Rams in primetime. Rumor has it that he looked good in practice this week and still has the juice, I'm excited to see him out there. Would be great to see an 100 yard game out of the old man. Either way I think he made the right choice in holding out for another NFL season instead of dancing on network TV.

BTW I'm digging the #8 on him. I thought 8 would be weird on a RB, especially after Marcus Mariota wore 8 for those years, but the 8 looks pretty damn good on a RB.