Joel Embiid Almost Killed A Guy

In the words of the late, great philosopher Happy Gilmore..."he shouldn't have been standing there". 

Who knows what could have happened to Lonzo Ball had he been an inch closer to Joel Embiid' fist of fury. Death, most likely. A quick, painless, merciful death at least. All things considered, probably not the worst way to go out. 

But at some point you need that basic, primal survival instinct that all humans have somewhere deep in our genetic code to kick in. At some point, humans were no different than wild animals. Constantly just trying to find ways not to die. The best thing you can do is have a little situational awareness. To know that Joel Embiid is a wildly erratic individual who often loses total control of his limbs. To know that he is at his most erratic when a call doesn't go in his favor. You have to address the situation, and realize that staying out of Embiid's wingspan is the key to survival in that moment. Lonzo Ball came awfully close. 

Cool news is that having a near-death experience is usually a great way for people to reflect on the life they've lived up until that point and then vow to live life to the fullest from then on. So good for Lonzo Ball. And good for Joel Embiid. It's tough to win a championship from jail.