BING BONG! Knicks Go Mops The Field And Wins The Breeders' Cup

Hand up, I'm not a big horse racing guy despite spending countless days in Saratoga with a bunch of degenerates I met during my Siena College days and didn't even watch or know what happened in this year's Breeders Cup until just now because I was watching Eternals in the movie theater tonight (which we will discuss in great detail on My Mom's Basement which you can watch/listen/subscribe to on YouTube or your favorite podcast site). If you want a breakdown of how that jockey rode that horse or how being in the 5 spot was the perfect placement for this race, I'm not the guy for you.

What I am however is a big Knicks fan that bets horses exclusively on their name, which is why I have no choice but declare us #BACK after after this Breeders Cup. Yeah the playoffs were cool last year and beating the defending champs last night to go 6-3 on this young season was great. But you can't throw the hashtag symbol in front of BACK in all CAPS until you get some sort of cross sport juju, which Knicks Go did as he crossed the finished line in absolute dominating fashion. 

Thibs, Julius Randle, RJ Barrett, and Leon Rose may be putting in the work to bring the Knicks back to relevance. Yet it was the horse as grey as the Nantucket mist taking home the $6 million Breeders Cup purse on the other side of the country that announced the Knicks are not only #BACK but they aren't going anywhere any time soon except back into the playoffs and on national television all the damn time where they belong. 

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