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The Astros Basically Slapped Carlos Correa In The Face And Waved Him Goodbye By Offering Him A Low Ball Deal

Well this was to be expected but it's always interesting to see. The Astros have offered Carlos Correa a deal for five-years worth $160 million, an average of $32 million per year. That per year average would be a top 10 deal ever. Sounds good to me and you, but this is basically a slap in the face to Correa. He's the best free agent on the market right now, they knew he wasn't going to take this. Honestly, he may not even open the email or text to look at the number, he's going to want Lindor money, and honestly he deserves it. This is an offer from the Astros so they can say to the fans "hey, we tried. We offered him $32 million a year and he said no!". And it's the right move. They knew he wouldn't take that because he's looking for the big money, they'll get a comp pick and he'll get a standing O next time he's in Houston. But at least now the Astros can say "what do you want from us, we tried to bring him back but he's the one who said no." Lets call it what it is, a lowball offer to a guy they knew wouldn't accept it. 

This is what I always thought the Orioles should have done with Manny Machado, at least offer him something. The Astros did it and will get ready to retool with another guy at short next year. He was never going to get the Lindor ten-year, $341 million deal from Houston and everyone knew it. The offer they gave him isn't even half of that! He's always said he wants to be an Astro but you could read his comments and know that he knows what is going to happen. He wants the big money, he wants the long term commitment, the 9 or 10 years. You could just tell by how he was answering questions that he knew going into this season and the playoffs that his Astros career was coming to an end after 2021, and that's okay. Just listen to his quotes here...

As I said above, he's the best free agent on the market, the top shortstop in a loaded shortstop class, he's going to get paid, and he should. He was awesome this year, slashing .279/.366/.485 with a .850 OPS, 26 homers, 92 driven in, 34 doubles, and the most important part was 148 games. Second most games he's ever played in and he was able to knock off that injury bug that always plagued him. He's going to make a lot of money somewhere, it just won't be Houston. Maybe Detroit? Maybe Philadelphia? Maybe New York? Maybe Texas? Any of those teams would be lucky to have him, just like Houston was. Hell of a career for Correa in Houston, time for the man to get his cash somewhere else.