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The Island Boys Made A Song About The UFC

FIIIIIRE! Fire flames city. Couldn't be hotter. What a tune. Maybe it's time to replace 'Face the Pain' with that.

Seriously, though, from Hasbulla to the Island Boys to all the other celebrities shouting out Dana White and the UFC lately, the sport truly seems as internety as ever in the most hilarious way. We've got major meme crossover for christ's sake! That's how you know they've made it mainstream! The MEMES are embracing them! 

….even if that is a Cameo video.

Anyway, I'm stoked for this show tonight. I just arrived to the media room at Madison Square Garden (where I was given a $20 meal voucher to use on concessions, nice!) and already hear the roar of the crowd nearly FOUR HOURS before the start of the main card. 

Here's my parlay for this one…..

(We hit our five-leg parlay last week so I got a little more ambitious with this week's!)

Here's Paddy's best bet (plus Liverpool tomorrow)….

….and here's all of Paddy's Picks for the main card….

It's going to be an incredible night.