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Purdue Ran One of the Best Trick Plays You'll Ever See in Its Upset Bid Over Michigan State

Looking for its second win over a top five opponent this season, Purdue is pulling out all the stops to take down Michigan State, including this awesome trick play which extended the Boilermakers' lead to 21-7.

Find me a better way to get the football in space with blockers. You can't. The receiver ends up with the ball at the numbers with six blockers ready to usher him down the field. That play design is absolutely beautiful.


There's just nothing that gets me going like a perfect play design. Everything about this was executed to perfection.

The Spartans scored one more touchdown before the end of the first half, but Purdue went into the locker room with a 21-14 lead over No. 3 MSU. If the Boilermakers are able to pull off a second win over a College Football Playoff hopeful this season, look back on this beautiful play call.