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Albert Pujols' LIDOM Team Is Back With Another A+ Celebration After A Win

Have you ever seen a group of grown men having more fun than this? Last we saw Albert Pujols he was celebrating his walkoff with the Undertaker celebration, now his team is back celebrating another win. Pujols' LIDOM team, Leones Del Escogido beat Estrellas Orientales 4-0 and they celebrated HARD. Theres a lot to take in here so buckle up. It looks like we've got former MLBer Jumbo Diaz dancing in a dress and wig? We've got an awesome congo line, Albert Pujols in a sombrero and big green glasses cutting up a rug, a police siren blaring the whole time from a megaphone. I've never wanted to be part of a celebration so bad. Now you see why a lot of these guys go down and play in the Winter League, it just looks like an awesome time. Might as well get some swings, collect some wins and celebrate like mad men. I hope this team wins 100 games this year, I need to see all the different celebrations they have, they make the locker room celebrations here in the states look like tea parties. I'm here to announce that I have officially adopted the Leones Del Escogido as my LIDOM team. Think these guys are enjoying their time in Winter ball? Safe to say yes. 

I also can't help but think of one of these old curmudgeon MLB reporters walking into a locker room like this and trying to get a quote from a player. They'd have a stroke if they saw this happen.