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The Crowd at the Braves' Parade Was Absolute Scenes

I was a little emotional watching this parade today. Seeing an estimated 1 million people show up between downtown Atlanta and Truist Park for the first parade in the city since 1995 made me happier than I can possibly express.

Everybody on those floats and in that crowd deserves this. After decades of near misses and heartbreak, today is the culmination of a title that was a long time coming.

This is for all those years of people on the internet — who had certainly never been to a game in the city — calling Atlanta a "bad sports town" because of a couple playoff games with some empty seats 30 years ago. Anyone who has rooted for the Braves, Falcons and Hawks for the last few decades would have to have been considered a die-hard glutton for punishment before Tuesday night. So to have this parade at all, let alone see the city packed out for it, means a lot.

Atlanta is a special place and Braves Country is a special group of people. Live it up today.