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The Braves Are the First Team to Have a Championship Parade Going the Speed Limit

As I was watching the first part of the Braves' World Series parade, I thought maybe it was just me noticing that those buses were SCOOTING. We've waited 26 years for one of these things, why the hell are those drivers acting like they have somewhere else to be this afternoon? I guess they did have to haul ass up I-75, but let's enjoy the moment a little bit.

As the convoy has moved up to Cobb County near Truist Park, it seems like things may have slowed down. So if you chose to go downtown today instead of up near the ballpark, it appears you may have been screwed a little bit on time.

These are champagne problems, though. Our World Championship parade was going too fast. These are the kinds of issues I plan on the Braves having for the next decade or so.