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My Mom and I Finally Did Something At Barstool

My mom, Kontent Kim, and I started a podcast called Cause I Said So. The first episode came out yesterday. We discuss how we got our job at Barstool, what we love about working here and have a few arguments. I can't tell you anything else because you might not listen, and we're going for #numbies. You can listen or watch by clicking the link below. 

We have a hotline launching today where you can call and ask my mom out on a date. I'd say hi dad, but i'm not sure he knows where to find these blogs?

I'm kidding. We will have a new prompt each week - this week, call and tell us what your mom does to annoy you. Or what you do to annoy your mom. We will play them back in episode two, dropping next Thursday, and make some Tik Tok videos. 

Call us here (856) 403-9046.

Happy Friday. Time to make a Tik Tok with Rico!