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Murls Lunch menu: Barstool SportsBook is picking up the tab!

Murls Lunch menu: Barstool SportsBook is picking up the tab! 

Last week’s Euro Lunch was a ginormous success as EBR went 5-1 and had the Barstool Sportsbook reeling.  The days and nights are bleeding into each other with European plays in the AM and then NHL boosts and player props keeping everyone busy. There is action all over the place but EBR has zeroed in on 5 for lunch. Let's make a push!!! Also, who picks up the tab?

Bar Snack: Nakládaný hermelín: When it's lunch on Friday in Europe for the $EBR crew, I always arrive early to have a nice Pilsner beer while waiting... This Czech bar snack is Hermelin or Camembert cheese and again starts in a jar. Throw some onions, peppers, and garlic in for about a week and it's ready to go. Maybe mix in a mint on the way out as well!

12:30pm Est. Czech Extraliga- Bet: Karlovy Vary 3-way -155

Appetizer: Gulaschuppe:  Although this soup originated in Hungary, it is eaten regularly in Austria and most of Europe.  Throw in some meat, different vegetables and even some pasta. This hearty soup is enough for a whole family and then some. 

1:00pm Est. Austria Ice Hockey League-Bet: Vienna Capitals ml -133

Main Course: Sauerbraten: This German meat dish is as flavorful as it comes. The dish is marinated in wine, vinegar, and various spices. This is the equivalent to a Yankee pot roast and is a staple for the foundation of a night of boozing. The meal is a major part of the pregame in Germany. If you do not have a good base of food there is zero chance you will keep up with the Germans on their home turf.

2:30 pm Est. German DEL- Bet: Adler Mannheim ml 3-way -143

2:30 pm Est. German DEL- Bet: Augsburger/Bremerhaven Over 5.5 -155

Dessert: Bündner Nusstort: Traditional Swiss pastry tart filled with caramel and nuts. When I was living alone on a farm in Switzerland, my superstition was this and some vanilla ice cream the night before a game to keep a point streak alive. This habit is not found in today’s NHL I am sure of it. Waking up to the cowbells on the farm was lovely by the way.

2:45 pm Est. Swiss National League- Bet: Davos ml -145

After Lunch Drink:  After a few of these lunch meals, you will need a shot of espresso to keep the day alive and not be in a food coma. Check back later there will be another Spittin' Chiclets Boost and other NHL plays. Get over to the Barstool Sportsbook and get all the European action in. I have already taken my broom out of the closet cause I think we are gonna sweep!

*Bet Responsibly

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