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Rasmus Dahlin Is Here To Turn All The Buffalo Sabres Fans' Frowns Upside Down

Yesterday was obviously a tough day for Buffalo Sabres fans all across the globe. It pains me to see such great people have to deal with such a shit organization. But with the Jack Eichel era coming to an unceremonious end, you have to know that this team is in for another long, lonnnnnnng rebuilding phase. Eichel is gone, Hall is gone, Owen Power is probably thinking about just sticking around and graduating from Michigan. And the other 1st overall pick in Buffalo? Well...

Sometimes you need a little comic relief in your life. Sometimes all you can really do is just sit there and laugh the pain away. If it's going to be a miserable few years coming up, the least they can be is entertaining. If that means the $6M man Rasmus Dahlin toe picks himself straight into the corner after whiffing to clear away an empty net dagger, then so be it. 

Speaking of having a good laugh. 

Still have no idea where Kevyn Adams is going to be finding all these guys who are "dying to be Buffalo Sabres". Local beer leagues maybe? I don't know, man. I'm all for having pride in your organization, but in this scenario I think a little self awareness would go a long way. Don't focus on guys who are dying to be Buffalo Sabres because those people literally do not exist right now. Instead, the Sabres should be focused on building their organization with guys who are just dying to have a chance to prove themselves at the NHL level. Guys who are in need of a team where they can shine instead of getting buried down the lineup. Then they'll create a culture that works and compete hard. That'll eventually make the Sabres a tough team to play against. Combine that with all the money they have available and that'll make them attractive to at least a few free agents. And then you'll eventually have people who are dying to be Sabres again. But right now? Kev,,,,buddy. Just have a shred of self awareness, is all I'm asking. 

Sidenote: Great interview with Jacky Vegas and the Chiclets crew last night.