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FOOTBALL GUY ALERT: Dan Campbell Says The Lions Buried The Game Tape Of Last Week's 44-6 Blowout To The Eagles

After all the archaic knee biting talk, it turns out Dan Campbell is truly a modern age Football Guy adapting to the times. In the past, a team would bury a football after getting absolutely mollywhopped at home. I tried this two months ago to flip the juju from that heartbreaking Giants loss in Washington.

Only to watch them lose to the Falcons at home one week later.

Luckily Coach Campbell realizes modern problems call for modern solutions and the Lions decided to bury the game film instead. Not only that, but based on the way Coach Campbell was acting around the computer that video, I feel like he was ready to bury/punch that as well as anything with a digital footprint of that drubbing by the Birds. That's the exact kind of passion and eye to the future you want in a guy put in charge of bringing the Detroit Lions back from the dead. 

The thing that concerns me is that this Lions team may have all the heart in the world. But if the talent doesn't catch up to the heart, the Lions practice field is going to have a time capsule of 2021 residing slightly underneath the surface for the rest of time. If you are already burying film after Week 8 your first year on the job, it's only a matter of time before a pigskin goes 6 feet under followed by jerseys, goal posts, and finally humans. So here's to the Lions getting their head right during the bye week and honoring that game tape that gave its life with perfectly precisioned execution that will lead to nothing but straight A's from PFF on Monday morning.