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The Destroyer Is Goin’ Out West For 6th WSOP Main

This afternoon I am flying out to Las Vegas to fire the $10,000 WSOP Main Event for the 6th time in my poker “career”.

I have cashed 2 out of 5 times (75th 2011, 327th 2018) and am up $80,000 lifetime in the Big One.

I decided to play Day 1B on Friday as I think the field should be relatively soft that day. Nate & Smitty will be firing Day 1D on Sunday.

Not going to lie, I feel some old emotions as I get ready to fire tomorrow. I am grateful for the opportunity to step onto Poker’s biggest stage and plan to make the most of it!

I got called “Destroyer” multiple times in New Orleans last weekend and the fans are calling for my 3rd Main Event run!

I am trying to be the first Barstool Sports employee to cash in the main and am shooting for 50% lifetime. I feel good about my poker game after cashing 2 of 5 WSOP events in my trip out there a few weeks ago.

The boys (Nate, Smitty & me) are hyped on this week’s Cracking Aces gearing up for the 2021 Main. Listen here.

Let’s Get Down To Business Shall We!