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Boomer Esiason Says Joe Judge Was Right, There Have Been Headset Issues And They've Been Happening All Around The NFL

Well well welllllllllll, it looks like Coach Judge may have fucked around and created a whole new #gate for Goodell and his gang of stooges to try to bury. It's not like he was making any excuses because Coach Judge doesn't do that. He was simply asking a reporter's question as honestly as he could followed by the confirmation by a neutral third party in Boomer Esiason that #HeadsetGate is very real. Now all the hyenas out there making their headset jokes better hope that their NFL team isn't hit with radio silence right before a big play that causes them to burn timeouts in a game of inches that can be decided by an equipment malfunction.  

Any Football Guy will tell you that communication is paramount to success on the gridiron and any sort of issue can create an unfair advantage. So as as unbiased observer in all this, I think the only fair thing to do is to reset every team's record to 0-0 starting this week and finish out the season over the next 10 weeks. This also carries over to all fantasy leagues and survivor pools. And if you believe a single word that comes out of the Commissioner's Office about this, you haven't been paying any attention to The Reign of Goodell.

TL;DR #JoeJudgeWasRight