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ZooMaa And The Flank Join FaZe Clan

After sustaining an injury earlier last professional Call of Duty season, ZooMaa followed in the footsteps of the many great traditional sports pros and naturally transitioned into an independent commentator and content creator within the Call of Duty scene with his show “The Flank.” Since it’s conception in February 2021, “The Flank” has evolved into a multi-format show and became the go-to show for all commentary on the Call of Duty League with ZooMaa becoming an authoritative voice in the scene.

 ZooMa rejoining FaZe Clan is a great coming back home story for ZooMaa who previously competed on FaZe Clan's competitive Call of Duty team from April 2015 - September 2019.

The Flank podcast has really taken competitive Call of Duty to the next level by giving fans an internal look inside the mind of one of the Call of Duty League's great players. ZooMaa is able to break down really complex strategies and competitive moments for every listener to understand. 

If the Call of Duty League wants to really grow, it needs individuals like ZooMaa to help grow the game and bring content that the fans want. Huge signing by FaZe Clan and congrats to ZooMaa on the signing.