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Of Course Billy Joel Paid His Band Throughout The Pandemic Like The God That He Is

I wish I could say I was surprised when I stumbled across this youtube video the other day but the truth is I simply was not. Was less surprised than Jon Stewart walking into his surprise party after they wasted the good surprise on Sonny in the Big Daddy. Imagine a world in which Billy Joel kicked his band to the curb during the pandemic? That world simply does not exist because our king would never leave his band in the dust. If there's one guy in the music business that's gonna do something as generous as this it's him. 

That's just being a good old Long Island fella. Was raised the right way out in Levittown! As he said he was luckily able to pay his band properly during the pandemic like he wasn't able to back in the day due to some money issues he may or may not have come across. And how about our guy having to go through the troubles of being a really old dad?!? How dare those other parents up there in Oyster Bay drop the grandpa line at him as if they DON'T KNOW who the hell they're talking to. Would you say something like to Jack Nicholson court side at the Staples Center? I think NOT.