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Nobody In Milwaukee Was More Jazzed Up To See A Harry Styles Concert Than Giannis

I'm not going to sit here and lie to the fine readers of this blog. I, like every other person my age, grew up throughout the 90s and early 2000s listening to boy bands. If you can't sit here and rattle off *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, LFO, 98 Degrees, Dream Street, BBMak, 5ive, Westlife, O-Town and even back in the day like New Kids, then you're simply lying. They have heaters of songs that we all can close our eyes and go back to some like junior high dance or Midnight Swim at the pool with it playing. The difference is we still may listen to a song or two that pops up on the radio or playlist now, you hide it a little bit. We're also bloggers, accountants, sales people, etc. We are NOT NBA MVP's. We are NOT winning titles for Milwaukee. We are NOT one of the most famous faces in the world of sports right now. 

That's what I love about this. Giannis just out here tweeting a little bit like Magic Johnson. Great performer. And just like Magic Johnson back in the day he loves talking about how many women are around him. Imagine sitting there and seeing Giannis just going crazy to see Harry Styles. Some Watermelon Sugar comes on and he bobs the head. Maybe Harry throws it back with a little One Direction heat and that's where he really loses it. 

I'll say this. Just another reason to love Giannis. From a few years ago when he started trying to eat a bunch of fair food across the country to feel American to the blowjob bell to Chick-Fil-A trips with the Larry O'Brien. The dude just doesn't care and always has a good time. The man is going to listen to Harry Styles then go drop 40 on your head.