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Jake Paul's Girlfriend Julia Rose Has Challenged Tommy Fury's Girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague To A Mud Wrestling Match. Let's Go To The Tale Of The Tape!

Everyone knows that Bob Fox is our MMA guy and Large handles the sweet science that is boxing, so I guess it's up to me to handle the mud wrestling beat and handicap this match in case it happens so we know how to responsibly wager when it hits the Barstool Sportsbook. Hopefully there is a third Buffer brother to act as ring announcer to give this match the big fight feel it deserves if Molly-Mae actually accepts the challenge and Julia actually remembers that she threw out the challenge at the end of a TMZ guy stalking her ass. Anyway, let's get to the tale of the tape.

In this corner, we have Julia Rose! 

Based on a quick Google search, Julia is 5'9, which is significantly taller than I figured she was. I have also seen 5'7 in some places, which may not be a bad thing since I'm pretty sure low woman usually wins in mud wrestling. Julia Rose also caused absolute CHAOS on the reality show Are You The One as guys were ready to fight walls because they didn't match with her.

You don't have to watch all that but trust me, the battle for Julia Rose's heart caused more drama and pain than Helen of Troy

A much more important trait for combat sports is to be fearless, which Julia clearly his since anybody who will allow a snake to slither on them must have ice running in their veins.

She also isn't afraid to get wet, which last I checked is key to being a successful mud wrestler

Speaking of Julia's love of water, Ms. Rose dressed as Vicki Vallencourt for Halloween, who is truly the baddest bitch to ever grace the silver screen as a love interest.


Not to mention Julia has experience performing on the biggest of sports stages.

In the other corner we have Molly-Mae Hague!

I don't know much about Molly. But a quick glance at her Wikipedia tells me she is a few years younger than Julia, which could result in a little extra energy, and girls that have two names and/or add some gore to their Halloween costume are usually a little extra spunky.


She is obviously dating Tommy Fury, who is a smokeshow in his own right and half brother of World Champion Tyson Fury, which I think gives her extra toughness by osmosis.

Speaking of Fury, they met on Love Island, which from what I can gather is kinda like the British version of Bachelor In Paradise? If you compete in let alone walk away with someone you are interested in and continue to date them for a while, you are built different 😤.. I don't know if these pictures are from Love Island or another island named after a different emotion. But let's just imagine they are from Love Island. Cool? Cool.


Who do I favor in all this? I don't fucking know. It's been at least a decade since I even thought about the sport of mud wrestling. So I did what any true SPORTS blogger would do and researched old mud wrestling matches, such as Ms. Kitty vs. Ivory from the Attitude Era of WWE.


Match starts at 2:45 mark

A 10 minute mud wrestling match between two nice ladies in a parking lot where people just watched, which was almost as entertaining as the gladiators in the wet dirt.

Along with an old mud wrestling match from the Kentucky Derby infield one year, which I can confirm was an absolute looney bin back when I was young enough to partake in events like that.

All of these videos exhibit some very interesting techniques that play to both the strengths and weaknesses of each combatant. However, with Julia Rose being the one throwing the challenge out while Molly-Mae has silent in response, I have to think Julia has more confidence heading into a hypothetical match, which is honestly the most important thing when it comes to wrestling.

Official Line: Julia Rose -180 I guess. I don't know. Can't believe I spent my whole morning breaking down a fight that is almost definitely not going to happen. The combat sports beat isn't for everyone I guess.