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That is a great line out of an all-time movie, Snatch.  Turkish is using it as a way to tell Tommy to have some urgency when making a decision. There is not a comment that does not fit better for this situation.  The DEL in Germany is a high-scoring and top-heavy league where the popular teams can afford to bring in players from other countries while the smaller teams routinely get pounded. The game today is that in a nutshell but like the famous gambler said “ it is immoral to let a sucker keep his money!” and Barstool Sportsbook is that sucker.  

Step 1 - Read this blog

Step 2- Bet the game

Step 3 - Cash the ticket 

Step 4- Buy everyone a round of Pink Whitney. 

Krefeld Penguins @ Eisbaren Berlin  DEL GERMANY

Top vs Bottom sounds like a story coming out of the Tropicana in Las Vegas but these two teams could not be further apart. Berlin will be playing late into the season and hoping for the title again while the Penguins will be battling relegation. Relegation is if a team ends the season in the bottom 2 they get sent down a division which can be financially disastrous for any organization. This game will be played in Berlin where the team has won 4 of 5 and covered the puck line in each win.  The Blue Suit Men are always next to the visiting penalty box ready to chirp the other team and add to the home-ice advantage.

Berlin Key Players: The captain is a legend and one of the good guys in hockey, Franky Hordler.  He has been with Berlin his whole career and is a key leader for the team. The team also has ex-NHLer Zack Boychuk who will get a snipe today. The team also just picked up Frans Nielson from the Red Wings to add to a loaded roster.

Fun Facts and Stats: 

  • Berlin has the most championships in league history

  • Best after game bar - Belushis in Mitte and hang with local legend Blue suit man

  • Berlin is known for EDM music 

  • Currywurst is the local food of choice and it is everywhere.

  • BEST BET:  Game over 6 -130, Berlin -2 -130

*Bet responsibly

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