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The CAA Banning James Madison From Conference Championships Is Absolute Horse Shit And Why College Sports Is Peak Hypocrisy

[Richmond] - The Colonial Athletic Association will not allow James Madison’s teams to compete for league championships this year if the school accepts an invitation to join another conference. 

Automatic bids would be unavailable for the Dukes, but the decision would not block teams from receiving at-large bids for the NCAA tournament. This does not apply to the CAA-leading football team, which remains eligible for an automatic bid from the conference because of separate bylaws.

The CAA has a bylaw that allows it to block schools from competing for conference championships if they’ve declared their intention to leave the league. It enforced that bylaw when Old Dominion left for Conference USA in 2013.

“We have great respect for JMU as a conference,” said CAA commissioner Joe D’Antonio. “... I’ll be honest. It’s not my job to determine whether it makes sense or doesn’t make sense. it’s my job to make sure the bylaws are enforced the way they’re written.”

Let's cut right to it. Fuck the CAA and commissioner Joe D'Antonio. Your job is to make sure the bylaws are enforced the way they're written. That's everything that's wrong with college sports. Hey dummy, read the quote again. Maybe you should be determining whether or not bylaws make sense and present them to the members of the conference for revision. Because this doesn't make sense. But Joe D'Antonio will surely parade around every CAA event talking about how he cares about the STUDENT-athletes. How the CAA is so great for STUDENT-athletes. It's all a lie, like everything else in college sports.

It's about money. It's about power. If the CAA/D'Antonio actually cared about student-athletes like they preach, you don't punish kids for a move the administration is making. What good does that do? You're robbing kids of competing for conference titles. You're robbing kids for a chance to make the NCAA Tournament. How does that make any sense in the world? It doesn't. You're just butthurt that James Madison is leaving for the Sun Belt. You're all pissy that they are moving from FCS to FBS and because of that every other program is leaving with football to the Sun Belt. 

This is another reason why I always say any person who complains about players making money on NIL can shut the fuck up. Athletes deserve to make whatever they can in college because this is shit that happens to them. From men's basketball to women's soccer, they are all currently being screwed over by the CAA and D'Antonio. This from the men's soccer coach: 

“I don’t think that that was really taken into consideration at all,” said Zazenski, whose team had qualified for the league tournament but now won’t be allowed to compete. “It was about other things. It’s really tough for the student athletes.”

Please explain to me what good this does. What sort of punishment this is? I know, I know. James Madison voted for the same thing years back with Old Dominion. Guess what? That's not a rebuttal. The problem is the fact this bylaw exists in the first place. The problem is Joe D'Antonio refusing to take action and instead acting like a flat out bitch. 

I hope James Madison hangs banners claiming CAA titles for every single sport they aren't allowed to compete in. Fuck it, get petty. Throw parties, sell merch. CAA champs - every sport.