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Mr. Beast's Squid Game Set Is Unbelievably Accurate

*Spoiler alerts for Squid Games within this blog*

This is just eery to look at. Maybe it's because I'm thinking about the end of the show as opposed to the beginning. At the start of Squid Game, there was excitement and energy. By the end, the show was filled with gloom, gore and death. 

The pictures above could've been directly from the movie set and I probably would've believed you.

On a lighter note, it's INSANE how fast Mr. Beast was able to get moving on this project. The filming will happen next week with 456 real life contestants. I'm most excited to watch because it's going to be Squid Games with a unique twist. Every contestant will have seen the show beforehand so there's most certainly going to be some unexpected turns...

Mr Beast is either scrapping the tug of war altogether or he'll do some sort of switcheroo when teams are formed. I'm curious to see if 001's strategy for tug of war works in real life.

The top 2 games I'm most looking forward to (pending them make the IRL video) is the red light, green light and the glass panel jumping challenge.