Terrance Gore Now Has More World Series Rings (3) Than Runs Batted In (1) In His Career

What a life Terrance Gore lives. Wakes up, steals a base, goes to sleep, wins World Series ring. Rinse and repeat. An absolute speed freak who makes his living by being a pinch runner. Possibly the fastest guy in baseball and he just happens to be on the right teams at the right time. The Braves World Series gives Gore his third career World Series ring which means he has more rings than RBIs. Yes, you heard that right. He also has more rings than postseason at-bats in his career. But I can't act like he's an everyday player. He's only played in 102 games, had 77 plate appearances, and 19 total bases over his career. He just happens to find himself on really good teams at the right time. 

Just look at these teams he was on. In 2015 with the Royals he played in 9 regular season games and was on the ALDS and ALCS rosters but not the World Series roster, 2020 with the Dodgers where he played 2 regular season games and 0 games in the World Series, and this year he didn't even play in the regular season while making the Braves playoff roster and didn't even play in the World Series. This just goes to show if you're insanely fast teams will find a spot for you and you WILL win a World Series ring. So if you're counting he has 3 rings and 0 plate appearances in any of those World Series. Hell he's won 2 rings since he had his last plate appearance. What a life to live.

Look at those names, those guys hear the name "Terrance Gore" and think to themselves "man, I wish I had the career he does." A lifetime .224 hitter with 1 RBI, 0 home runs, 3 extra base hits and 40 stolen bags. He knows his role, he's a hell of a clubhouse guy and is faster than everyone. If his number is called in the playoffs he's going to snag a base, a lifetime 5/6 on the base paths in the playoffs. Right place at the right time, I guess. Just know if you show up to your clubhouse and you see Terrance Gore, theres a decent chance you just won yourself a World Series ring.