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We'd Be Remiss in Not Thanking the Organizers of 'The Small Dong March' for Their Service to Mankind

It's been a busy few days, and I've been trying to get to this since the weekend. So I apologize for the delay. But the way I look at it, when someone does something great for humanity, it's never too late to acknowledge it. These two young men put together an event last weekend that helped a lot of people in need. And their selflessness and commitment deserves our most sincere gratitude. 

NY Post - Dozens of men have hit the streets for a “Small Dong March,” seeking to end the so-called “shame” associated with having an undersized penis.  

The demonstration took place Saturday in Downtown Los Angeles and was organized by YouTube stars Chad and JT. 

“Some people are embarrassed to show up. If you have a small dong, the truth will come out. So own that truth,” the organizers pleaded while promoting the penis protest on Twitter. 

Activists assembled in the area at 10 a.m. — although the length (and girth) of the march wasn’t publicized online.  

Participants paraded through the streets, brandishing eye-catching placards and chanting in unison.

I have to say - and I'm just saying this for a friend, mind you - that this cause is long overdue. In a world where we're fighting on behalf of acceptance of all body types and celebrating our differences rather than letting them divide us, it's terrible to realize that needledick-shaming is still not only allowed, but promoted. We can publicly laugh at a man who's hung like a hamster with no consequences, in a way that we can't talk about female body parts. As well as the short, the exceptionally tall, the obese or the thin. 

Just because a gentleman might have a cashew in his shorts doesn't mean he doesn't have feelings. Or isn't worthy of being treated with dignity. Somewhere out there are young men with micropenises who are feeling isolated and ashamed. And every time a comedian or a movie ridicules a small wang, we're further alienating them. 

It's high time that we let these shrimps know they are not alone. That they don't have to keep their John Thomases hidden any longer. They can stop using all the tricks like manscaping, buying extra tighty whiteys, or sending dick pics with a golf pencil in the frame for scale, pretending it's a full sized pencil. They can whip it out proudly in the knowledge there are millions - or at least several - others out there like them. 

From what I've read in published reports, the Small Dong March was entirely peaceful. Which means that either the demonstrators have the support of the public, or because they just didn't have the energy to make trouble due to their Low-T counts. Either way, they've done their cause proud.