BOAT Life: Blake Bortles Was Having Himself a Great Round of Golf, But Walked Away From Double Bogey When The Packers Called

Stacy Revere. Getty Images.

The most interesting man in the world is back baby. The BOAT is returning to Green Bay to try and steer this shit show of a ship back on course. Want to talk about a football guy? Bortles was playing a great round of golf down in Jacksonville, even through 7 holes, before getting the call from Gutekunst that his services were once again required. He dropped everything to get on a plane and get to work. Hero ball. This man is living his best life. Rumor has it he walked away from a double bogey after hearing the news.

You know what? He was distracted by the call, just put him down for par and we'll pick this baby up in a few weeks boys. The hole never happened, but what a 7 holes to start the day it was.  I tell ya what though. If we've got a look for birdie on hole 8 I think you tell the Packers you hit a little traffic on the way to the airport and finish that round off. No one would ever know. 

The most important news is that the BOAT is back. I'm giving Jordan Love 1-2 series on Sunday to show me something before I'm pulling the plug.