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Video: Dog Saves Family From Mountain Lion

LA VERNE (CBSLA) – A brave pooch is recovering after fighting off a mountain lion roaming around a La Verne home Monday. The Pit Bull is being called a hero by his family after defending their home, chasing the mountain lion away near the Angeles National Forest.

As soon as she saw its eyes, Mary Padres can be seen in home surveillance video coming back inside the house screaming. “The mountain lion was looking right at me,” said Padres. “It was huge."

“We saw the hole all the way down to his brain,” Padres told KCAL-TV. “To make sure that I was OK, that’s the whole reason he went after that mountain lion.”

Padres and her family grabbed flashlights and went looking for Rocky, despite the mountain lion still being at large. “We wanted to protect our dog,” she said.

This is my second dog blog of the day and in the words of Rex Chapman "We Don’t Deserve Dogs." This pitbull went above and beyond even his fellow canine brothers and sisters when this mountain lion crept into the backyard while the family was there. The dog went absolutely nuts and chased that mountain lion back into the forest, where he fought that big puss till the cat bit into his brain. Absolute insanity. Mountain Lion attacks have increased in California over the last 20 years, crazy that the pitbull named Rocky Balboa potentially prevented another one. 

The injuries were pretty bad on the dog and he's healing up. They shaved most of his hair but he's poised to make a full recovery.