This Taiwanese Dude Racking Up Views And Money By Teaching Math On PornHub Is The Smartest Man In The World

[Post] - Chang Hsu, 34, better known as “changhsumath666,” has attracted 1.9 million views and nearly 7,000 subscribers to his account, dubbed “Play Hard, Study Hard,” Focus Taiwan reported. And he doesn’t even need to take it off. Chang appears fully dressed in all of his 230 videos as he imparts his number-crunching wisdom in Mandarin.

He has reportedly made almost $270,000 a year through his paid classes across multiple platforms.

He said his attempt to teach on YouTube fizzled because it was difficult to stand out from his competitors.

“I asked myself where to find my target students, say college boys, and the answer popped out: adult video platforms,” Chang said, according to Focus Taiwan.

Let's hear it for Mr. Chang! Love the idea of 'play hard, study hard' but really think he missed the boat on LONG Division. Gotta use that at some point if we're being honest. The real question though is who is watching this? 2 million views, helping make the $270,000 a year? It makes no sense. No idea how it pops up on your PornHub page or how you would even search it. Maybe when you type in teacher looking for some of that porn or something. I have questions that I'm going to need answered at some point here. I know nobody is stopping mid-jerk to learn calculus. Not even 2gether. 

I just had to work that song in here somehow. I apologize. 

Back to this specific story though, this man found a loophole and that needs to be applauded. Couldn't get the views on YouTube because everyone else is trying to teach math there? Fine. He went to the next best place. He's trying to target college aged kids, which is a bit of a miscalculation. College kids should be fucking. You're in college. This should be targeting postgrads who live alone. Maybe those who didn't finish college or are trying to go back to college. 

Could you imagine being a pornstar though who is literally giving everything to make money here. You look up the rankings and views and some math dude fully clothed is ahead of you? Hey, at least he might be adapting here soon. 

“This is a top business secret, and what I can only tell you is it will no longer be just me in the videos,” he said, offering a seductive hint about his evolving strategy.

Taking a page right out of Van Wilder. 

Always be adapting. You got to this point teaching people algebra and shit? Fine step it up. Topless teacher as you teach me the value of x. I never understood that. Math is numbers, I don't need letters in my math problems. It's 2021, I'd be finding new ways to learn too. Sit in an auditorium every Tuesday/Thursday from 1-2:30 or just go to PornHub? Think I know the answer to that one. 

So let me be the first to congratulate this dude. Real men of genius type shit.