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Spittin' Chiclets Player Boost

Spittin' Chiclets Player Boost

I have gambled all over the world and Barstool Sportsbook Exclusives are changing the game. Kane, Mcdavid, and Mackinnon all to record a point? That’s it? Chip it off the glass and you can get one, block a shot for a breakaway boom you are on the scoresheet, and I am sure if we held Whit’s feet to the fire he would admit he might have had a few easy assists snapping it to Crosby and letting him do all the work. This is all we need to cash +200? These are creative ways to bet on games that are tough to just pick winners. Let's go! 

Patrick Kane: Hat trick last game and for over 1,000 games Kane has averaged a win for us in this boost.

Career Games - 1035

Career Points per game - 1.06

Season Stats: 6 GP 9 points

Likely Scenario: Kane backhand sauce to the backdoor for a tap in…. 

Giphy Images.

Connor Mcdavid: Unreal heater to start the season, something most of us have never seen.

Career Games - 415

Career Points per game - 1.424

Season Stats: 8 GP 17 points 

Likely Scenario: End to End rush and goes shelf like everyone is standing still.

Nathan Mackinnon: Sandbagger participant and guest on the pod, will finish it for us.

Career Games - 579

Career Points per game - .983

Season Stats: 6 GP 9 points

Likely Scenario: Snapshot on the PP rebound tap in for Landeskog

If the odds are not enough to lock you in then the fact you have skin in 3 games for the price of one is another facto. +200 is just crazy for this boost on a normal day, but all these guys are playing at home and they are all playing great hockey right now. Get over to Barstool Sportsbook, go under the Exclusives page and take this action.

*Bet Responsibly

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