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Jorge Soler's Home Run Ball Ended Up at an Apartment Party Across the Street From Minute Maid Park

Eventual World Series MVP Jorge Soler got the party started for the Braves on Tuesday night when he launched a 446-foot moon shot out of Minute Maid Park to give Atlanta a 3-0 lead in Game 6. It was one of the coolest homers I've ever seen in my life.

With the roof open in Houston, the ball ended up with a pretty cool story after it left Soler's bat: it made its way to a party across the street.

Chron — Ramos, his brother Richard and a large group of friends were having a World Series Game 6 watch party on Tuesday night just a block outside the Minute Maid Park Crawford Boxes, when they heard a groan inside the ballpark and then saw a flying white object come hurtling through the air and bounce off an awning outside the stadium.

It didn’t take them long to realize that was the baseball the Braves’ Jorge Soler had just crushed 446 feet over the train tracks to give his team a 3-0 third-inning lead.

The ball made a loud bang when it hit about 20 feet into the green awning that usually protects fans from the elements as they enter the ballpark off Crawford Street. Then, it rolled off and ended up lying on the sidewalk. As the piece of World Series memorabilia sat there untouched and somehow unnoticed, everyone at the party started scheming about how to get their hands on the ball that came to rest outside the stadium, but inside a chain-link fence that separates Crawford Street from the ballpark grounds.

“That wasn’t a problem,” Richard joked.

While it has to be tough as an Astros fan to have the opposing team in the World Series hit a homer so far out of the stadium that it ends up at your apartment, getting to own that piece of World Series history is pretty cool. And if Manuel Ramos doesn't want that baseball, I'm sure someone in Atlanta would pay a pretty penny for it.

That home run is a moment I'll always remember. Even though not a single Braves fan felt comfortable with a 3-0 lead, you could just sense that Atlanta wouldn't be denied after that. And that blast will now be on Braves highlight reels forever.

Hopefully that souvenir made that Astros party a little less miserable.