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Henry Ruggs Was Allegedly Driving 156 MPH Before His Crash, Had A BAC More Than Twice The Legal Limit, And A Dog Was Killed In The Accident

So the details from the Henry Ruggs accident are starting to come out and holy fuck are they ugly. Driving absurdly fast with a BAC terrifyingly high next to a loaded weapon that could've gone off and a dog added to the list of the deceased. Absolutely horrible.

The Raiders releasing Ruggs at midnight right as the World Series wrapped up definitely screamed your typical NFL news dump. But if we know anything about the Davis family, we know they stick with their guys until they absolutely can no longer do so (Exhibit A: The entire Jon Gruden fiasco). 

However I think/hope that once they got the report that one of their players was allegedly driving under the influence at more than 150 MPH before killing a young woman and a dog, there was no point in waiting to see what else the police discovered along the way.

I've said it before, I'll say it now, and I'll unfortunately say it again. Stop drinking and driving. If this crash doesn't happen, a 23-year-old woman and a dog are still alive, a 21-year-old player with his whole life ahead of him still has a career and his freedom, and all the lives of people associated with someone in the accident (including Ruggs' 1-year-old daughter) aren't in shambles because of something extremely reckless that happened in a city with unlimited hotels and taxis.