The Pussification of America Continues as Inglewood HS Football Apologizes for Winning 106-0

Source - A Southern California high school principal apologized this week for a lack of sportsmanship and integrity following a lopsided game Friday between two schools in Inglewood. 

Inglewood High School was up 59-0 after the first quarter against Morningside High School on its way to a blowout 106-0 victory. Inglewood, whose quarterback passed for 13 touchdowns in the game, also went for a 2-point conversion with a 104-0 lead. ...

In a statement issued Monday, Inglewood Principal Debbie Tate apologized. She said Inglewood coach Mil’Von James also apologized to Morningside. 

“We did not conduct ourselves with sportsmanship and integrity and the final score was unacceptable,” Tate said in her statement. “Our administration and coaching staff believe that athletics should be a source of pride for our community."

What fresh hell is this? 

All this mealy-mouthed, two-ply Charmin soft claptrap about sportsmanship and unacceptable scores is exactly the kind of thing we've expect from a school principal. Right or wrong, they think it's their jobs to worry about kids' feelings and issuing high-minded, idealistic statements about ... integrity

But there's no way a youth football coach with any sense of self-worth would allow his name to be put on a groveling, disingenuous apology like this. You don't put up a 106 points in a shutout by accident. You don't cover a 105 point spread because you're worried about coming across as mean. You don't flip the scoreboard by making it run out of digits:

… because you lost track of the score. You do it out of spite. You do it to project sexual dominance over a Beta in your herd. You do it to send the same message that Athens sent to the island of Melo to join them in a war against Sparta, "We'll wipe you off the map because we can." 

I don't know anything about this Mil'Von James. But I was involved in youth football long enough to know that the 106 point victory was sincere. His name on the apology is not. You know why Coach James went for two with the score 104-0? Because there's no rule allowing him to go for four, that's why.

Besides, look at Morningside's defense here. Do you see any effort at all in this clip? 

That's a group that is totally demoralized. Showing no effort at all. No pride. The best thing you could do for them is keep pouring it on and putting them out of their misery. That's an act of mercy much greater than further humiliating them by taking a knee every play. At least they got to be part of history. Like some tiny, developing nation getting to get their asses handed to them by the 1992 Dream Team, they got to play a part in someone's greatness. 

Sorry if it's not their own, but not sorry. When Justyn Martin is sitting in a hot tub filled with cheerleaders after the Rose Bowl some day and Coach James is getting promoted to some Top 20 BCS powerhouse, they can look back and wrestle with their consciousnesses to determine whether they did the right and moral thing back in 2021. But for now, leave all the hand-wringing to the administrators. Their job is just to score touchdowns. And 2-point conversions. Like Clint said in "Unforgiven" when they told him he just shot an unarmed man, "Well then he should've armed himself."