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My Eulogy To The Massive Screen Outside Of Madison Square Garden That Has Inspired Us All

I'm gonna preface this by saying this is a VERY New York blog. Are you gonna care about this if you're from say Wisconsin and have only visited New York once or twice in your life to try a slice of pizza & eventually find out that visiting the Statue of Liberty is a disgusting process? Of course not! And I don't think I'd care if there was some sort of iconic statue or screen outside of Camp Randall that was taken down but I would listen to you talk about it! So that's all I'm asking you to do about this screen that I clearly took for granted all too much in my life.

I have been emerging from the depths of Penn Station and going to Rangers games for the better part of my life. Probably the last 20 years or so and the absolute first thing you see once your nose sniffs that hideous New York City air is the big screen outside the Garden. To some it was just a big ole screen on 7th ave showing the upcoming sporting events, concerts, and annual bull riding events at the Garden, but as I just said to me it was my welcoming sign into Manhattan all the way up until I transferred to college here at Baruch and began seeing it twice a day literally every single day.

So what was once my welcoming sign into the city became my light at the end of a tunnel every day after a brisk 20 minute walk from a school which I hated attending. I saw that Garden screen & instantly thought of my horribly-managed metallic chariot back to Long Island in the Long Island Railroad. It was a smile upon arrival. Then I finally got my job here and would still see it every day but wouldn't be too thrilled because I sure didn't hate leaving work as much as I hated leaving school! And ON TOP of this I could literally stare at my ill-fated from my desk at our newer office for the last few years. It was always cool to turn to my left and see the Rangers promo for the game at night on the big screen.

Basically what I'm saying is don't take things in life for granted. RIP to the Madison Square Garden screen. A true constant in a lot of Knicks fans, Rangers fans, and simply commuters lives. We will never forget you.