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The Official Trailer Is Out For Kevin Garnett's New Documentary And As Expected It Looks Awesome

Sometimes, the internet just knows what you need and it delivers. At a time when myself and most Celts fans are still recovering from the latest humiliating collapse that cost them yet another win, we need anything to get our minds off it. For my money, giving me a new KG documentary trailer is exactly what the doctor ordered. We first heard about this project back in February 2020 and you knew once we got the first look that it was going to be awesome and this latest trailer pretty much confirms it. Granted I'm a sucker for any sort of basketball documentary, I really enjoyed the latest one from Russell Westbrook that you should absolutely watch if you have time to kill

but KG might be one of the most perfect subjects for one of these documentaries that we have to choose from. His story is incredible, he was a player that helped revolutionize an entire position and really the league as a whole, and obviously he was the reason I've seen the Celtics win a championship with my own eyes. I think it's fair to say there will never be another Kevin Garnett, even if today's generation of bigs share a similar skill set. That's only half of the equation when it comes to KG. You don't really see a combination of skill, loyalty, intensity, shit talking, and heart all wrapped into one player in today's NBA. Things are just different nowadays.

Without a doubt if there's one former Celtic to add to this current team, the answer has to be Garnett. God would he be perfect. He's exactly what they need from both a talent and heart standpoint. We wouldn't have to worry about any sort of effort issue because KG would never allow it. It's why I have no clue why we're living in a world where Wyc hasn't brought in KG as part of the ownership group. He wants to own a team, the Wolves decided to not sell to his group and frankly, I'm not sure what the hold up is. It's pretty obvious this current Celts team could use some Kevin Garnett in their lives. If anyone fully understands what it means to play for this franchise and how you need to conduct yourself on a nightly basis, it's KG.

All I know is November 12th cannot come soon enough. It's felt like a lifetime has gone by waiting for this project, and I'm ready to declare it must wach.