This Guy Predicted the Braves Over the Astros in Six Games ... on October 25, 2016

Now what kind of witchcraft is going on here?

It would have been relatively impressive to correctly predict the Braves to beat the Astros in six games before the series. It would have been pretty unbelievable to do it on Opening Day, like Trevor Plouffe did. Cole Rogers did it five years ago.

The Sports Illustrated cover predicting a 2017 Astros World Series in 2014 was pretty remarkable, but this guy did it two years further out, included both teams — which went 84-78 and 68-93 in the season he predicted it — and the number of games. It shouldn't even be possible to have a guess that lucky.

I suppose I owe Cole a bit of a thank you, though, because while I'm not superstitious, I am a little stitious. Maybe this was written in the stars since 2016.

I am slightly woke on the fact that iMessage didn't look like that five years ago and the text message was sent at 10:39 p.m. and this tweet was sent at 10:49 p.m., but I don't know how to make a tweet appear like it was sent in 2016, so I'm just going with it.

It was always Braves in six. Buy the merch.