7 Of The Best Action Comedies On Streaming RIGHT NOW

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1. 21 Jump Street - Netflix - 94/100: In a decade deprives of great comedy movies, 21 Jump Street really stands out. Hilarious lines, great delivery from the whole cast and weirdly solid action. This scene always kills me:

2. The Nice Guys - Hulu - 92/100: The combo of Gosling and Crowe should not be as perfect as it is in this movie. Like most Shane Black movies, the plot is a little wonky. But it just works here! Hysterical comedy and some cool gunfights. 

3. Tropic Thunder - Prime/Paramount+ - 92/100: This movie only gets better every time I watch. Also, this might be the greatest Tom Cruise role of all time. 

4. Lethal Weapon - Peacock, HBO Max - 88/100: It's very easy to argue that the most iconic buddy cop movie. Great action, great chemistry and very solid humor. 

5. 48 Hours - Paramount+ - 87/100: I love any movie or show that involves the "Release a criminal to help hunt down another criminal" setup. Nolte & Murphy were at their respective heights, and both did incredible work in this movie. 

6. Black Dynamite - Hulu - 86/100: This movie needs more eyes because it is hilarious. This scene always kills me.

7. Rush Hour - Hulu. HBO Max - 85/100: Funny how so many of the great action-comedy movies end up being buddy cop movies as well. Rush Hour obviously has the coolest stunts, but also has the laughs and action to compete with any movie.