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Michael Thomas Announced On Twitter That He's Out For The Season After Suffering A Setback With His Ankle Injury

Big news out of the Bayou that at first sounded like a precursor to a Nick Castellanos home run. Instead, the Saints lose Michael Thomas for the season a few days after losing Jameis Winston for the season, which I can only imagine will mean we are going to get a triple option offense in the Superdome once Taysom Hill gets healthy.

I would say those countless hours and mock drafts where I tried to pinpoint exactly where to draft Michael Thomas on my fantasy team so I could stash him on IR until he returned was not the best uses of my time. But considering that dude put up 1725 yards on 149 receptions only two seasons ago, you gotta keep that guy on your radar no matter how banged up he has been since getting the bag. Crazy to think his ankle got jacked up on this play in a game that was all but over and Thomas has never been the same since.