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The NCAA Proves Once Again They Are Insanely Stupid, This Time Banning Oklahoma State From The NCAA Tournament

I wanted to have some faith in the NCAA here. I really did. But then I remembered the NCAA is the fucking worst. Why do I say this? Well a lot of reasons. First, banning Oklahoma State from this year's NCAA Tournament a week before the season starts? Fuck that. 

How do you wait this long to make the announcement? Not even just the announcement, but the wrong one. Remember this all stems from the FBI investigation into college basketball. Also remember, Oklahoma State COMPLIED with the NCAA investigation, didn't fight anything. Why? Because everyone that was part of this isn't around Oklahoma State anymore. 

Oh wait the person who didn't comply was the person for this ruling? 

What happened with them was assistant coach Lamont Evans lined his own pockets to help try and direct a couple Oklahoma State players to financial managers. Oh and he gave $300 to Jeffrey Carroll, a player who was already playing at Oklahoma State. $300! Oh, not to mention Carroll was suspended 3 games for that. So where is the competitive advantage that Oklahoma State received here? Where is the basis to ban them for an NCAA Tournament?

Hell you're punishing kids that were barely in junior high and high school when this all happened. It's not a lack of institutional control because the investigation showed Brad Underwood (the coach at the time) had no idea Evans was doing this. So the NCAA can't even use that bullshit excuse. I get that you have to punish the school in certain cases, but here? You're punishing kids that were 14 or so when all this was going on and a staff that wasn't even there! 

Here's what makes even less sense. 

Oh and Oklahoma State was a likely NCAA Tournament team this year. So 6 days from the start of the season you're now punishing this team who had nothing to do with the situation. I get you need to punish people. But that person is Lamont Evans. It's not Oklahoma State. It's not Mike Boynton. It's not these kids. One of the dumbest thing I can remember in some time. 

Real banner week for the NCAA.