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Let's Get One Thing Straight Here, Derek Fisher Calling Russ 'Russell Westbrick' On TV Was Absolutely No Accident

You know how this isn't an accident? First, he corrects himself. If it's truly an accident you don't realize it and keep moving on. Second, he said it way too smooth. That's a man who has said Russell Westbrick at least a dozen times prior to coming on air there. Third, it's Derek Fisher. He's a snake in the grass. Remember the whole Matt Barnes situation? 

I know Russ is one of the more split players. I personally love him because he's a bit of a lunatic, always goes balls to the wall and doesn't give a shit. But some can't stand him. I get it. The knock on him was always he was a stat-padder and can't shoot. I can't think of why. 

The 'oh my God' gets me every single time. Fucking hilarious. Just a great video all around from one of the best basketball players we've seen. I mean he was on the NBA 75-anniversary team. He's good. I swear he's a good player. But every once in a while we get something like this. He bricks shots. Hence how he got the nickname Russell Westbrick from people who don't like his game. 

I can't stop fucking laughing though. Derek Fisher is a Laker. Sure, he helped ruin the Knicks as a coach, but he's a Laker. He's going after one of his own here! Best part is this came after a win! A win where Russ had 27. Fucking Fish man. He just doesn't care.