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John Klingberg Is On A Mission To Keep Ankle Surgeons In Business All Across The Globe

Jonathan Kozub. Getty Images.

The most lucrative career on the planet right now has to be an ankle surgeon in Dallas. Sure, the Stars were playing in Winnipeg last night. But if John Klingberg is going to be doing this shit on a relatively frequent basis, those 41 home games in Dallas are going to be buying 3rd and 4th vacation homes for doctors all over the DFW area. 

There's been….a murder!

Heck, I think even the cameraman needs to get a little work done on his wrists after trying to keep up with all of that. The more I watch that clip the more I think camera guy actually got the worst of it. Holy shit. Put that man on tripod duty or something for the rest of the season. Watch it 5 times in a row and you'll feel drunk. 

But poor, poor Jansen Harkins. Just a good ol' boy trying to make a career for himself in the National. A few great years in the WHL. A couple of really productive seasons in the NHL. Looking to prove he can spend 82 games up in the big leagues and all of a sudden his life flashes in front of his eyes. It would be one thing if his ankles just got obliterated into a million little pieces. But the fact that Klingberg unleashed a lowblocker laser to the back of the net on this one means the highlight will never go away. Insult to injury to the highest degree. 

Jets won in a shootout, if that makes anything better.