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Halloween Party Venmo Requesting Led to Von Miller Trade

*Figuratively venmo requesting, like when your buddy picks up the tab and then you get the request the next day.

A source with direct knowledge of the situation tells PFN that Miller became upset when teammates declined to kick in for his annual Halloween party. It’s a massive affair with a six-figure price tag. This year, it featured Quavo from the hip-hop act Migos.

Miller’s request for financial help came as a surprise to his teammates. They had assumed they were invited guests to the party, not co-hosts. Miller even wanted rookies to contribute several thousand dollars for an event that they had no role in planning.

Miller, who has earned over $90 million in his career, threatened to disrupt the Broncos’ locker room chemistry over what in his mind was an unpaid debt, the source tells PFN.

We’re also told coach Vic Fangio and general manager George Paton became aware of the rift. That may have factored into the team’s decision to move on from the eight-time Pro Bowler despite the Broncos sitting just a half-game out of the AFC’s seventh seed.

For those who don't remember, the Von Miller Halloween party is where Chad Kelly got really fucked up at and got arrested. Turns out Von Miller didn't like how his teammates didn't answer his Venmo requests the day after the party. Would make sense why the Broncos are basically paying to have him leave.

The whole situation sounds pretty bonkers, I feel as though Von Miller thought the Halloween party was instrumental to team bonding outside of football. I can see how he felt the party was a service to the whole team and they should also pay if he organizes all of it. I guess Von Miller saw himself as the sort of President of the frat and wanted other players to pay dues type of thing. Can totally see how other players and rookies who didn't ask for the party didn't want to pay. Maybe Von should have added the pretense that he wanted other people to pitch in. Who knows, these are problems all types of groups of dudes have. Surprised it became such an issue that they had to ship him out. 

Also hearing from sources that Von Miller did not want to have the Halloween party, and the rest of the team wanted to, so he told them to chip in. Miller didn't want to reward losing so he didn't want to have the party. 

Von Miller is going to be a dangerous force in L.A making an amazing team even better.