The Mets Hired Craig Bjornson As Bullpen Coach And He Is Already My Favorite Person In All Of Baseball

I woke up this morning without an inkling that the Mets were going to hire a bullpen coach let alone find out that bullpen coach was my favorite person in the sport. Yet here we are with the Mets hiring the EXACT bullpen coach they have needed my entire life. Are you telling me that Edwin Diaz would've been giving up bombs ever other appearance back in 2020 or Jeurys Familia would've been giving rides on the Familiacoaster for almost his entire career knowing they had to answer to this guy?

Helllllll no. Baseball is a marathon of a sport where you can never get too high or too low due to how the game humbles you, with the bullpen being the epitome of all that. You need to have a coach out there to keep the guys loose and also a little scared as they go through a stretch of two weeks with no off days and the starters not making it through the fifth inning. And based on the first image I saw of Bjornson on Getty Images, I'd say he fits the bill.


Boston Globe. Getty Images.

You need to have a screw loose to dress up in a full baseball uniform 162 times a year as a coach and you need to have a few nuts or bolts missing to be a successful bullpen coach. In fact, the greatest bullpen coach I've ever seen was a maniac in all the best ways.

All that guy did was coax a Rookie of the Year season out of a fucking 12-year-old in the Bigs on the Cubs' way to winning their first World Series in FOR-EV-ER (that line is from different baseball movie but you get the point).

I don't have a lot of requests when it comes to the coaches on my baseball team. All I ask is that you either have a baseball name or a cool name, which "Craig Bjornson" clearly fits to a tee, and that the fans of the team you used to work for don't say you suck. Well I asked the most impartial national baseball writer in the world what he thought of Bjornson during his time with the Red Sox


Did I mention that Bjornson was the bullpen coach of the 2017 Houston Astros and 2018 Boston Red Sox, who both won a little thing called the World Series and also were known for looking for every competitive advantage in the book? That's cool and all. But the thing that sold me more than anything on Bjornson is his ability to handle New York fans.

Yup, that's not only my new favorite person in baseball but also my new best friend and I will do anything in my power to get Craig on We Gotta Believe. My power is literally just asking KFC to see if he can get him booked. But I promise everyone that I will do that with all my heart behind it. What a wonderful time it is to be a Mets fan.